It isn't the sea
it isn't the world
this blue light
on our fingers

under the eyelids
a thousand antennae
grope giddily
to find the sky

red carnation
in your vase
you stood as I wrote
like love before me

there was a deer
yellow as sulphur
there was a tower
built of gold

five crows
counted their years
quarreled and scattered
like a pentacle

lillies whitened
the beloved's hair
on the beloved's body
I wrote whole books.

I can't live
only with peacocks,
nor travel always
in the mermaid's eyes.

Yorgos Seferis
Collected Poems (1924 - 1954)
Yale University Press, 1971
Tradução de Edmund Keeley e Philip Sherrard

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Penélope disse...

gosto das tuas escolhas, principalmente quando vão parar aos Grandes Poetas Gregos,

(e também a t.s. eliot)

Tatiana Faia disse...

Obrigada pelo comentário :D